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Highland Chemical Engine Company -Station 28-3

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1976  Paul Schoff                   

1977   Scott Anderson

1978   Glenn Shirley

1979   John Collier

1980   Len Eckman Jr.

1981   Gene Mathis

1982   Jim Dubois Sr.

1983   Bud Bogia

1984   Jack  R. Kelley

1985   Robert J. Shirley Sr.

1986   John E. Fleming

1987   George Guenther

1988   F. Lum Penuel

1989   Richard B. Carter

1990   William Ewe Sr.

1991   Richard F. Burns

1992   J. Raymond Kelley 

1993   Harry Sauder            

     1994    Robert Thren Jr.

     1995    J. William Miller

     1996    Kevin Austin

     1997    Jeff Penuel

     1998    Jim Robinson

     1999    Marshall Genter

     2000    Bruce Scott

     2001    Robert J. Shirley

     2002         Hap A. Mitten

     2003         Dan Fisher

     2004    Ryan Pierson

     2005         Dave Mitten

     2006    Frank Kane

     2007         Clinton D.Carter Jr.

    2008          Ray Pelaschier


    2010    Bill Ewe Sr.

    2011   Ed Andres





Highland Chemical Engine Company Station 28-3 109 Woodland Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071
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